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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Irene B. Giessl, EdD




Barbara J. Hensley, EdD
Clinical Counselor

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Earn CEs toward EMDRIA Certification
Opportunity for professional networking

Learn the latest EMDR innovations

Meeting Attendance Criteria:
Weekend I and/or Weekend II EMDR training


Target Audience:

Social Workers


What We Are About

The Greater Cincinnati EMDRIA Regional Network provides EMDR-trained practitioners with a means of bridging the gap between training and practice.  Its purpose is to assist clinicians from all mental health disciplines in introducing and maintaining the transition and incorporation of EMDR into clinical practice.  The primary means of facilitating this transition is to provide a well-structured forum for discussion of the wide range of possible applications of EMDR, clinical cases, and detail reviews of treatment protocols, as well as the presentation of special interest topics by special invited guests and group participants (EMDRIA CEs awarded for participation in Specialty Topic meetings only) and updates on clinical and research developments.

The objectives of GCERN are to educate interested participants on the continuing efficacy of EMDR in clinical practice and research and to provide an open forum whereby practitioners can discuss common concerns and issues with respect to the use of EMDR.

Drs. Giessl and Hensley are recognized by EMDRIA as the official Regional Co-coordinators of the Greater Cincinnati EMDRIA  Regional Network (Provider #RC99008).  

The meetings are slated to meet on the third Friday of even months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) at 3 to 5 p.m. unless otherwise rescheduled,
at 9900 Carver Road, Suite 101, Cincinnati, Ohio  45242.

As CEs for EMDRIA Certification purposes are given for participation in meeting with specialty presentations, we ask member to present specialty topics to the group.  If you are interested in presenting or if you have a specific request, please email Dr. Hensley at  

There are no dues or fees.

Venues of past meetings

2.0 EMDRIA CEs will be awarded for attendance at each meeting that has been approved for its Specialty topic.